Effective Implementation of a Fantasy Sports Website
    garym - 2003-12-22 11:16   -   SportWire Web News
[ A new paper by Peter Cossette and Andrew Horning has some amazingly
nice things to say about Sportwire! I hope they don't mind the
reprint, but there was no contact info in the copy I received. I hope
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XMLTeam chooses Sportwire
    garym - 2003-07-09 11:37   -   SportWire Web News
XMLTeam has selected sportwire technology to power a new next-generation sports newswire webservices product line.
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SportsML Launches at Sports Media & Technology
    garym - 2002-11-08 14:14   -   SportWire Web News
There's two things you need to know: The final draft of the International Press Telecommunications Council standard Sports Markup Language provides a uniform language for the exchange and transmission of news and statistics relating to professional and amateur sports ... and SportWire is the most mature and robust software for manipulating SportsML!
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Live Feeds: News and MIME at 11
    garym - 2002-09-18 12:59   -   SportWire Web News
We're going about this the wrong way. This is an open comment to all internet news feed providers. Providers are stuck in 80's vintage mindsets, offering their news in the staid old formats of FTP, or telnet. IMHO, this is awkward, limiting, expensive and just plain counter-productive; it's more work for you, more work for me, and it limits what we can give the people who want to consume our work.
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Sportwire 2.0
    garym - 2002-04-19 08:59   -   SportWire Web News
Tarballs have been released for the 2.0 revision which brings Sportwire into the SportsML space; the new feeder, set by default for the SportsNetwork.com XML, can now translate vendor XML (ESPN, SN or AFP) into SportsML "sports-content" documents so that the remaining XMLDBMS, file-caching and presention systems can be tailored to a vendor-independent SportsML 0.5 DTD.
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SportsML goes Live
    garym - 2002-04-16 17:44   -   SportWire Web News
The Sportwire project is pleased to report another milestone: Translation of the SportsNetwork news feed to IPTC SportsML 0.5 is now the live feed behind CBC Sports. This release is a soft-launch, a final test run before the main release for the 2002 Stanley Cup. Great work, everyone!
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Towards Sportwire 2: NewsML and SportsML
    garym - 2002-04-01 11:37   -   SportWire Web News
Development has begun to migrate Sportwire to true NewsML and SportsML as a vendor-independent news and stats data representation. Vendor XML news feeds will be translated into NewsML/SportsML documents and stored in the relational database in this open standard structure; new components added to the SportPage website tools to enable pulling the original SportsML objects out of the relational data. The target date for the first working versions (supporting ice hockey) is April 12th, 2002.
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